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May is a key flower moments. Blossoms is everywhere and wildflowers are emerging in every hedgerow, gardens, forest … Maj to miesiąc kwiatów.  Spotkać je można w postaci leśnych dzwonków, przydrożnych mniszków, zasypują swymi płatkami żywopłoty, drzewa, otaczają potoki, góry czy … Continue reading

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Spring with a Summer felling

Some flowers pictures from last week. And my beautiful porcelain ! : ) ,, We’ re often told that we should be original, independent and innovative. But something copying is the best way to learn something. It teaches us about … Continue reading

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Picasso and Flowers

„Inspiration exists, but is has to find us working” – Picasso Picasso on shirt. Picasso my inspiration! Every day is  filled  the magic of creation. Inspiration is hidden in nature, in words, thoughts … It’ s whole beauty is in its … Continue reading

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Lilacs !

 ‚I must have flowers, always, and always.’ – Claude Monet Blossoming my favourite flowers. Took a stroll here today… I admire all the spring flowers in bloom, but I love only several. My lovely lilacs : ) Here it’ s so beautiful … Continue reading

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