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A day in my home

Today I thought I’d share with you some pics from my  home. I really enjoy taking pictures.  Is a sunny Monday  and I have a nice time for photography.  In the next few days I will post a few pics of … Continue reading

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Blue Folk

Blue folk is my new illustration. I inspired by folk traditions. It is really fascinating for me that there are so many possibilities of creativity in a  folk traditions. Folk traditions are always inspirational. Blue Folk, to jedna z moich … Continue reading

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Pączki, Polish doughnuts

Today I show you my  pączki recipe for Polish.  Traditionally, pączki are fried in hot fat, packing quite a wallop in the calorie department.  Growing up Polish, paczki were my favorite treat.  Paczki are traditionally filled with jam but you … Continue reading

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Beautiful flowers

Decided on a walk  the afternoon  to enjoy these last beautiful summer days and to gain some energy and inspiration for the autumn. The last few days have indicated that Autumn seems to be just around the corner, but one never … Continue reading

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