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My illustration – Matryoshka and Polish forest. Below : Russian sweets and beautiful Polish wooden pisanka ( Easter eggs ) .  Moja nowa ilustracja – Matrioszka i zdjęcie cudownego lasu w Polsce . Poniżej rosyjskie słodycze i moje piękne drewniane pisanki.  … Continue reading

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In the studio

Today I thought I’d share with you some pics from my studio. I hope you enjoy these pics for the moment! I’m spending each day here. I am heaven right now! I feel very happy, because this week the sun has … Continue reading

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Folk birds

My illustration. My photo – made in Cracow.  Birds in beliefs and folk traditions have sacral meaning and religious significance and the symbolism of folk. Are the richest resource for reconstructing the ancient pagan beliefs. Often used in Polish art … Continue reading

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Folk decorations

My new beautiful porcelain. My window  in the morning and plants.  Material culture includes pottery, woodworking, sculpting and general crafts, as well as decorative things. A craftsperson may use methods, techniques, materials, and even designs dating back many generations in … Continue reading

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