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In the morning

I have some morning time, so I took this photos my breakfast and sketchbook. Today, but it’s sunny outside so I go to walk. I will buy pumpkin and I will cook my favourite dinner, tagliatelle with pumpkin : ) I … Continue reading

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Portfolio! Open ! To celebrate the beginning of spring, I have positive message : ) Portfolio! Finally ! Please visit me at (a special thank you to my dear fiance for his help in designing the site.) All of the new illustrations  are updated … Continue reading

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Easter cake

I’ve been spring cleaning my apartment … To celebrate spring I also got some daffodils for my home. I really enjoy it when the apartment is filled with sunlight in the morning. My favourite season has finally started!  Bardzo lubię, … Continue reading

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Magical time

Amazing vintage typewriter  from my fiancé and a very spring bouquet in a vase at home. They have made me really happy with their presence.  Niesamowitą, zabytkową maszynę do pisania, dostałam od mojego narzeczonego. Jest to rzecz o której bardzo marzyłam, od wczoraj … Continue reading

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