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Peonies studies

In last time I am inspired by flowers color palettes, so it’s not surprising that given total creative freedom, we ended up with these shots. Natural light, I love you! Every month here on the blog requires a flower so this … Continue reading

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Rhododendrons and peonies season is here!  Rhododendrons and peonies. The whole city is currently scented with these. On my way home yesterday I found myself walking through parks and stopping by places near the road just to admire them. It … Continue reading

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Roses: love, femininity, beauty.  Roses blossoms, roses blossoms and roses blossoms… Last week I was out in the sunset and took these photos when the first roses blossoms had started to burst. When I walked by these roses yesterday they were … Continue reading

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May is a key flower moments. Blossoms is everywhere and wildflowers are emerging in every hedgerow, gardens, forest … Maj to miesiąc kwiatów.  Spotkać je można w postaci leśnych dzwonków, przydrożnych mniszków, zasypują swymi płatkami żywopłoty, drzewa, otaczają potoki, góry czy … Continue reading

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