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My vintage books and Flow magazine. Beautiful bouquet and dried flowers.  ,, It’ s strange, really, that we often don’ t know the names of the wild flowers that grow near our homes or some of the birds in our … Continue reading

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Magic. Between herbs, black cat, a white rabbit. I am interested in herbalism, magic plants and Polish folk traditions. Mother Earth and the Mother of Plants. Poetic phrase describes her as „she who raises flowers.” In Poland in August is celebrating … Continue reading

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Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’ s Basilica Ponte St’ Angelo, St. Peter’ s Basilica. Below the Gallery of maps. I have this crazy addiction to churches. I just love their harmony, their solemnity and their beauty, paintings, sculptures … Continue reading

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Hello Rome ! ,, Eternal city ” beauty will take your breath away with its perfect union of nature’s landscapes and the architectural ambition! ,,Wieczne miasto” , jego piękno zapiera dech w piersiach, to doskonałe zjednoczenie krajobrazów natury i ambicji … Continue reading

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