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My illustrations

My illustrations . Below picture was taken in Cracow.  It has been a busy few days but I am happy to be I finish my new illustration! Really enjoying these folk themes! My new illustrations were inspired by Traditional Russia folk … Continue reading

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The best of 2015

2015 year was such a crazy year work and travels so I show you a few photos of last year. 2015 rok był bardzo szalony i pracowity! Miałam okazję zwiedzić 6 państw! Z czego bardzo się cieszę, dlatego dzisiaj postanowiłam … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

My handmade labels on the Christmas gifts. Watercolor on paper.  Christmas packaging, DIY.  I bought  those dried flowers and this horse in Cracow. And my handmade bird. I made it of clay. During this dark season I’ve had my most creative … Continue reading

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Today I show you my snowflakes for the Winter window display. Snowflakes are entirely built out of paper. Making paper snowflakes is a simple craft that can turn into a mild addiction as you gain experience and create paper snowflakes … Continue reading

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