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My sketchbook and papercuts.  My sketchbooks : botanical illustration and folk illustration.  My idea, my handmade papercut and my plants.  Botanical plants – ink on paper. Mushrooms – ink on paper. Prehistoric plants – ink on paper. Wildflowers and my … Continue reading

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My memory from trip… Sunset. The magical lake. It is incredibly beautiful the way the sun and moon dance across this land in harmony, day and night. Together they create the most beautiful array of oranges, pinks and yellows. And … Continue reading

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Mesmerizing sun in november.  And my new horses : ) November is here and suddenly it feels like we are transitioning into winter. But I guess it’s okay : ) Today  photos with last month, my shoes, horses and postcard … Continue reading

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Bieszczady. Beautiful Polish mountains !  Bieszczady is characterized by an extraordinary diversity; each kilometer can be surprising and very impressive. And my favourite pines forests!!!  Bieszczady charakteryzują się różnorodną szatą roślinną. Uwielbiam ich bezkresne połoniny oraz lasy sosnowe.  Amazing  climate of … Continue reading

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